Even though my current work is focused on research, I have significant experience with teaching and supervision. I have taught mostly about security studies and research methods with occasional excursions into conflict simulation, sociology of technology etc. I enjoy pedagogical activities in academia, from designing courses and experimenting with innovative teaching and learning techniques to communicating and cooperating with students and helping them find their way to study and reflect on the world of politics.

Here is a list of my courses so far. Syllabi of some of them can be found on my Academia webpages.

Charles University 

  • Traditional and Critical Concepts in Security Studies (MA): WS + SS 2016/17, WS + SS 2017/18 
  • Crisis Games (MA): SS 2014/15, SS 2015/16, SS 2016/17, SS 2017/18 
  • Researching International Politics: Qualitative Methods (MA): SS 2015/16, SS 2016/17 
  • Research Methods in Critical Security Studies (MA): SS 2015/16, SS 2016/17 
  • Methodological pre-seminar I and II (BA, in Czech): WS + SS 2014/15, WS + SS 2015/16 
  • Contemporary Approaches to Critical Security Studies (MA): WS 2012/13, WS 2014/15, WS 2015/16 

Metropolitan University Prague 

  • Research methods in International Relations (MA, in Czech): WS 2015/16, WS 2016/17, WS 2017/18 
  • Science, technology, and war (BA): SS 2015/16 
  • Regional security organizations (BA, in Czech): SS 2015/16, SS 2016/17 
  • Internal security of the EU (BA): WS 2016/17, WS 2017/18 
  • Sociology of technology (BA, in Czech): SS 2016/17 
  • European Union security (BA, in Czech): SS 2016/17